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Philosophy for Children (P4C) gives all our pupils the opportunity to express their views on a range of issues that are meaningful to them. They are taught how to apply four ways of thinking to each session- Critical, Caring, Collaborative and Creative, which also reflect our deeply embedded learning behaviours. Children enjoy listening respectfully to their peers and building on their own ideas.


In EYFS, Year 1 and 2

Children are encouraged to respond to a stimulus chosen by their teacher. They are asked to question the stimulus by discussing what it was about, what they learned from it and what they would still like to find out. From this initial enquiry, a question is chosen by the children to investigate further through both activities and structured talk.


In Years 3,4,5 and 6

Children are developing the skills needed to pose philosophical questions which demand use of the 4C's. They are given an initial stimulus, from which they discuss the big ideas and suggest potential questions for discussion. The class then vote for the question they wish to discuss and so the enquiry begins. Through planned activities, a question could be analysed for weeks- this is driven by the children's enthusiasm and interest in the issues raised.