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What we achieved:

One of the objectives of our PTA during 2018-2019 was to further raise our profile; increase the number of volunteers and help to build a bigger community within the school.


The other objective is of course fundraising for additional resources for the school.


In the period September 2018 – July 2019 the PTA generated funds through a variety of events and activities:


Event/Activity: Amount
Christmas cards £100
Winter Fair £1800
Disco KS1 £150
Reception tea towels £200
Disco KS2 £600

World Book Day – Book Sale

Summer Fair £2200
Ice Lolly shop £450
Estate Agent boards £960
Total £6490


Thank you to those parents who supported us through attending events, donating items or donating your time to help. With busy lives and small children it can be hard to find time to help the PTA, however the benefits of volunteering can be enormous for you, your children and the wider school community so please do join in.


What we have spent in 2018-2019:


Product/Activity: Amount
Science Boffins workshop for Science Week £615
Year 6 leavers hoodies £2189.37
Two interactive Clevertouchboard Plus touchscreens for KS1 £5553.32
Gardening aprons for Gardening Club £218
Total £8575.69