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The Robert Fitzroy Academy

The whole child is the whole point.

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Our Approach to the Curriculum

We are a school for human flourishing

At RFA we hold fast to the belief that our pupil’s well-being, confidence and happiness will provide the right foundation for academic rigour. Our aim is to provide a complete education – one that nourishes the mind, body and spirit. The whole child is the whole point of what we do. We nurture learners who are Resilient, Focused and Aspirational- RFA! We don’t want these letters to just adorn the jumpers of our pupils, we want them to be the daily oxygen that we breathe. And how do we do that? By believing in and being committed to the transformative power of four types of capital.


Aspirational capital

A growth mindset approach underpins every aspect of school life. Children are given opportunities to excel.


Cultural capital

We give pupils a range of experience beyond the academic curriculum offering them opportunities to see the world differently. We are strongly committed to the arts and believe it is every child’s right to take part in creative and cultural experiences.


Pastoral capital

Ensuring that pupil well-being is at the heart of all we do. We offer a range of therapies including Lego and art therapy for vulnerable pupils. Principled relationships exist throughout the school.


Professional capital

Investing in our teachers means we invest in our pupils.


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