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The whole child is the whole point.

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Our Approach to Behaviour

Having the highest possible standards for behaviour, we strive at all times to create a friendly and supportive atmosphere to enable children to acquire moral values such as honesty, sincerity, trust, mutual respect and tolerance. Whilst each child is valued as an individual, we instil an understanding, even in our youngest pupils, that we all have rights, rules and responsibilities. The behaviour of adults in the school reflect our expectations of the children. As a staff we meet the children with a smile, are consistent, keep calm, have a sense of humour, use a 'talking' voice, and listen to them. When staff discuss behaviour with children they will always aim to have a learning experience as an outcome.


The Academy has a set of 3 rules or expectations of behaviour; which apply to every situation:


  • Be kind
  • Be safe
  • Be responsible


When negative situations occur it is the Academy's policy to separate the child from the behaviour so that they develop an understanding that it is their behaviour choices that need changing.


At RFA we also strive to develop good learning behaviour in our children good learning behaviours. Often children (and adults!) associate compliance with good learning. Although we do expect children to develop listening skills and to follow the school rules this is simply a given. What we really are striving for is for the RFA pupils to have enquiring mindsto ask questionsto be resilient in their learning, to connect ideas and challenge what they know.


For more information regarding the Academy’s approach to behaviour and ethos regarding good learning behaviours please visit the policy in Key Information.