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Arts Overview


The Robert Fitzroy Academy is proud to be an arts school. We believe it is every child’s right to have access to creative and cultural experiences, and that every child can achieve success through the arts if given the opportunity. We also believe the arts to be central in children’s education and in preparing them for life as a citizen in a 21st Century visual and multicultural world. We want children to leave the Robert Fitzroy Academy with a lifelong appreciation of the arts.



Why is Art and Design part of the RFA curriculum?


At the RFA, art holds a very important place within the primary curriculum, supporting the development of the whole child. Art and design widens our pupil’s cultural, social, and creative skills and experiences, broadening the range of tools they have to understand and connect with the wider world. We want to enable all pupils to feel able to think and act creatively. Children develop transferable skills that boost overall academic achievement and enhanced well-being and self-esteem. Art helps to develop critical thinking skills and enables children to communicate visually about how they see, feel and experience the world. As a process driven subject, children cultivate resilience when they encounter challenges and gain a real sense of ownership of what they produce. Art fosters experimentation more than many other subjects do as it gives children the freedom and choice to create something that is unique to them. Not only is this a healthy outlet for self-expression, but in the world of work, skills like creativity and innovation are highly valued.  


What is taught as part of the Art and Design curriculum?


At RFA we plan highly engaging art lessons using Reach2 Art and Design scheme of work and Cornerstones Art and Design Essential Skills Reception to Y6 as a basis for art projects that children study for half a term each.  Each project is carefully planned to provide a stimulating and enjoyable starting point which enable the students to demonstrate the skills and progression outlined in the curriculum.  By ensuring the projects are inspiring, the children can explore and further develop both independent and group skills encouraging greater creativity and confidence which in turn enriches their whole learning experience throughout their time at RFA. 


How is Art and Design taught at RFA?


Every child in Reception – Year 6 has the opportunity to attend weekly art lessons and complete half termly projects, focusing on artists and art movements that reflect diverse cultures and history as a source of inspiration. They engage in research, discussions and collaborative learning opportunities to further develop their knowledge. Children are taught the fundamentals of artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, design, photography and illustration.  They learn about tools and techniques using a range of materials to create artistic outcomes and show this explorative journey within their sketchbooks and final outcomes. Wider knowledge is gained through visits to local and central galleries, portfolio sessions for art scholars, school wide celebrations and displays, assemblies and workshops with visiting artists. 


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