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Arts Overview


The Robert Fitzroy Academy is an arts school. We believe it is every child’s right to have access to creative and cultural experiences, and that every child can achieve success through the arts if given the opportunity. We also believe the arts to be central in children’s education and in preparing them for life as a citizen in a 21st Century visual and multicultural world.


Our children have weekly music, drama, and art & design lessons with specialist teachers. The critical and creative thinking skills they develop here feed back into their class based academic and creative learning across the curriculum. We link our creative schemes of work to each year group’s Cornerstones curriculum and support the class based teaching of creative elements within these topics. We also support and enhance many of our school-wide creative events and extra-curricular opportunities.


The arts support our children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development. We want children to leave school with a lifelong appreciation of the arts. We are constantly developing partnerships with local arts institutions to enrich the cultural experiences and opportunities for our children. We also nurture creative talent with a gifted and talented program and offer Arts Award to children in Year 5.


Subject Focus:


Drama: We primarily focus on developing physical and vocal skills. Our scheme of work is strongly linked with the performance and spoken language strands of the National Curriculum. Within physical skills, we consider characterisation through the use of facial expression, body language and gestures. Within vocal skills, we consider pitch, pace, pauses, volume and intonation. Drama is crucial in developing performance skills and helps children to develop skills in communication, collaboration, confidence, resilience, co-operation and concentration across the curriculum.



Art & Design: We give our children the opportunity and freedom to explore and experiment with purpose, across a range of different materials, processes and techniques within the six main skills areas of drawing, paint, printmaking, clay and 3D sculptural form, collage, and digital art. Children are encouraged to develop the skills of self-expression - developing their ideas, making independent creative choices, working collaboratively, and taking risks. We encourage children to celebrate multiple perspectives, and to form their own opinions on the visual world around them through exploring the work of a range of artists, designers, architects and craftspeople from around the world and across many different art movements.