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  • At The Robert Fitzroy Academy, the whole child is the whole point. Therefore, we embrace the fact that every child is different and their educational needs are different. We are committed to ensuring all children have access to an engaging and motivating curriculum in a healthy, happy and safe learning environment with the primary aim of supporting every child to achieve their full potential.

    What support do we offer at RFA?
    Children with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND) are highly valued in our academy and all our staff share a determination to provide pupils with high quality first teaching and are trained to be responsive to any additional need or barrier to learning that may present at any time during a child’s school career. Our pupils are regularly monitored and progress is analysed through half termly pupil progress meetings to ensure personalised provision. This information supports us to ameliorate any identified gaps in teaching. RFA will use its best endeavours to ensure the necessary provision is made for any pupil with SEND. In doing so we will fulfil the statutory duties and the best practice guidelines set out in the Department for Education Draft Code of Practice for SEND.

    The following documents are available for download:

    Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) works with staff, pupils, parents and outside agencies to ensure that the needs of individual pupils are in met in accordance with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Our SENCO is called Rhiannon Spiking. You can contact her by email at inclusion@robertfitzroyacademy.com

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