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  • The Robert Fitzroy Academy Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is an organisation run solely by volunteer parents of the school. All parents, carers and staff are automatically members.

    We want to help create a strong community spirit for our school that we can all take part in and help raise money towards extra resources and facilities for the school. The objectives of our PTA quite simple are to organise fund-raising activities, to involve as many people (pupils, parents teachers) as possible and to make the activities fun!

    All the events rely on the generous support of parents/carers and everyone is most welcome to participate in whichever way you prefer. Please e-mail us at pta@robertfitzroyacademy.com

    Who’s who

    Amrah Adeel
    Kelly Moore

    Jennifer Mottley
    Parent Rep

    Yvette Henlon

    Divya Nambiar

    PTA Teacher

    Babita Khialani
    PTA Teacher

    Michael Robinson

    Get involved, support your school

    We really need more volunteers to help us. We completely understand that there are parents who would like to get involved but won’t be able to attend any meetings so please join our mailing list by emailing pta@robertfitzroyacademy.com or when we send out a “PTA needs your help” letter before an event detailing the activities and help needed, please offer us your support then.

    We are always looking for input and suggestions on what else we can do to support this fabulous school. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions or want to get involved with any of our events you can either raise these at one of the PTA meetings or by e-mailing us pta@robertfitzroyacademy.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

    We are also always looking for donations or freebies! If you work for a company or organisation would they support the PTA by donating a raffle prize or free gifts, equipment etc? Or maybe you work for a company or organisation that has a matched giving scheme (if you don’t know please ask as we could double our money!) Please let us know.


    PTA FUNDRAISING 2018-2019

    What we achieved:
    One of the objectives of our PTA during 2018-2019 was to further raise our profile; increase the number of volunteers and help to build a bigger community within the school.

    The other objective is of course fundraising for additional resources for the school.

    In the period September 2018 – July 2019 the PTA generated funds through a variety of events and activities:

    Event/Activity: Amount
    Christmas cards £100
    Winter Fair £1800
    Disco KS1 £150
    Reception tea towels £200
    Disco KS2 £600
    World Book Day – Book Sale £30
    Summer Fair £2200
    Ice Lolly shop £450
    Estate Agent boards £960
    Total £6490

    Thank you to those parents who supported us through attending events, donating items or donating your time to help. With busy lives and small children it can be hard to find time to help the PTA, however the benefits of volunteering can be enormous for you, your children and the wider school community so please do join in.

    What we have spent in 2018-2019:

    Product/Activity: Amount
    Science Boffins workshop for Science Week £615
    Year 6 leavers hoodies £2189.37
    Two interactive Clevertouchboard Plus touchscreens for KS1 £5553.32
    Gardening aprons for Gardening Club £218
    Total £8575.69

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